Rider Waite

It’s been a long time since I properly connected with the RW Deck. It’s a deck I’m quite familiar with, it being the one my mum let me play with as a child but this past week I’ve made a special (re)connection with it and am really appreciating time spend idly shuffling the deck, peering into the images and enjoying the feel of this iconic deck. A nostalgic childhood friend still has plenty to say, perhaps more now than ever.



2014 Oracle Reading

Left to right Jan-June then July-December with the Messenger a Oracle, with an extra Life Purpose Oracle card pulled for each 6 month segment.

This is a reading inspired by Leonie Dawson’s (amazing) Goddess Guidebook 2014 Workbook (www.leoniedawson.com).

Just wanted to document the first visual hit of the spreads. SO much good stuff to now ponder over.

Blessings to everyone in 2014. I have a really good feeling about the energies that will be around x



Tarot of the Vampyres

Post written in Oct but accidentally saved to drafts

Tarot of the Vampyres

I felt called to lay out my Vampyres deck today and scan over the images to reacquaint myself with the energies of the deck as a whole.

It seemed an odd stoke of synchronicity then that I then see, as they’re laid out around me, a question on the deck (one for a few weeks ago but I hadn’t signed in for a while. Life happened…).

I think the autumnal energies are calling me to work more deeply with this deck as we turn more inwards now as the days get shorter and colours in nature darken.

To me, living the Wheel of the Year is about embracing the balance and flowing with the energies that come up at different times, some more suited to certain activities over others.

I see a definite pattern emerging in my divination practise. In the lighter months I was drawn more to the colourful tarot decks (Wheel of the Year, Gaian Tarot…) and the lighter energies of Oracle decks, particularly Faerie themed ones this year. Especially the wild, earthy ones of Cavendish and Froud).

Now I feel like I’m crossing over to a deeper, more contemplative time.

Yule reflections

It’s been a really weird year, and I don’t think I’m alone in saying this. 2013 has been a year of shifts and sh!t. It’s also been one of extremes, both good and bad and this I’ve also seen reflected in nature from bitter white winter to scorching summer to raging winds. Something a bit ‘different’ has been afoot. I’ve also felt extremes in the energies about at the various wheel of the year; each festival seeming particularly potent.

From around Mabon time until now, peaking particularly at Samhain, I’ve been in reflection mode; very much moving with the cycles of the seasons and turning within to process and recover from the more active stretch of the year. Tarot has been aiding me immensely with this process and this year has proved itself a true and dear life long companion.

I’m so grateful for and proud of my tarot journey this year. It’s not something I expected to develop in the way that it has in 2013 and in and of itself has been a seismic shift in my perspective and self. My personal written tarot journal, oh I could go to sleep hugging at night I love it so much…but I refrain, keeping it the bedside table just for the appearance of sanity! I truly feel like vital pieces of my soul have been retrieved and pieced together between those pages and also in my beloved Bardic journal (I am studying to become a Druid).

Tarot has encouraged a reflective yet proactive attitude in me that it has then, over the year, nurtured. In turn Ihave been nurtured by this wonderful spiritual and psychological tool. I’m excited to see where it takes me next. I know Santa is bringing me some books on Jung and working with the tarot for personal development so watch this space!

May your Yule and 2014 be Merry and Bright,

Yule blessings



It’s been a time of quiet introspection of late but had to document this Seasons of the Soul Spread I devised.

Reading across, A row for each of the coming four seasons (roughly 4 months each):

1. Inner soul work (self development) 2. Outer soul work (actions, manifestations). 3. The balance of the 1&2.

The 4th line is for Growth Lessons, reading down:

1. What I’m exoeriencing/ needing to learn Now.
2. And in the next season.
3. And In the later seasons of the year.
4. Overall lesson of the next cycle/ turning of the Wheel.

The other 2 cards above and below the divide were deck jumpers but I like to see them as bridging the gap between the two sections.

Much to take in and unpack. The deck by the way is Crystal Visions Tarot by Jennifer Galasso.

Blessed Samhain!


Oracle Kick

Oracle Kick

Working with the Goddesses and Sirens Oracle, by Stacey Demarco, among clovers and toadstoods.

Inspiration and knowledge

It’s been a fortnight of inspiration rather than creation for me, in the sense that my deeper tarot studies have been put on temporary hold while I complete the most intensive stages of my dissertation project.  I have still been drawing cards but actively connecting with them on a level beyond my initial intuitive interpretations hasn’t been possible.

During snatched coffee breaks I have been enjoying some tarot-based ‘down time’ in the form of keeping up with two of my favourite Youtube channels.  Both are excellent sources of knowledge and I really appreciate the information and inspiration these ladies put out there for free.  Well worth checking them out.

Owlmoon513 – especially excellent for honest tarot reviews with heart-centered advice.


The Four Queens – wonderful for all round personal development and reigniting that lust for life! (Love her!)


Also, I stumbled upon this photo online the other day and was struck by how much it somehow captures how I feel inside; a little lost maybe but so curious about this magickal thing we call life that I can’t not explore it deeply, albeit it in my own a naive, spirited way.

Maybe I resonate with The Fool at the moment.


Black Cats Tarot Q & A

Q. Should I take the direction I am contemplating?

A. Yes. Prepare for a journey and for energies to move forwards towards change.


The Faeries Oracle

I began working with The Faeries Oracle by Brian Froud and Jessica Macbeth this week. It’s a deck I have literally owned for years but have never felt called to work closely with before now.

To acquaint myself with the deck I followed one of the activities from the (excellent) accompanying book which was to choose my favourite and least appealing card out of the deck. I found this hard to do at first because it’s such a wonderfully magickal deck and even though some images may appear less aesthetically pleasing to me, I see the purpose of their presence and appreciate the individual energies they bring to the deck as a whole.

After much whittling down I came to these two. My favourite is on the left. The individual card below is a message from the universe as to how I can heal the part of my psyche represented by my least favourite card.

The book pays much attention to teaching how to work with the cards intuitively which I realIy appreciate. I can also tell that there is much deep psychological benefit to be gained from working with this magickal deck. I look forward to exploring it some more and learning what my subconscious, the universe and the fae have to teach me.